Our Inspiration

Tilly Lockey lost both her hands at age 15 months. But when you watch her videos, you don’t feel any sense of loss. What you see is a bright, happy teenager with unlimited potential.

Much of that is a credit to her and her family. But as she says in this video, having cool bionic arms helps.

Our Mission

The Bionic Revolution is here. It is already improving the lives of those who have lost physical or neurological abilities to accident, disease, or genetic disorders.

Our main goal is to help patients in these categories to understand their bionic options free of commercial influence. An informed patient is an empowered patient.

Key Resources

The following pages provide quick access to resources of special interest:

Latest Research Articles

Bionic Arm & Hand Control Systems

Some believe that the most important parts of a bionic arm/hand are its electromechanical components. This is not true. The most important component is the user control system.

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Neural Interface Surgery

Neural interfaces are currently the leading option to provide true sensory feedback from bionic limbs, but they have significant drawbacks.

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Latest Technology Articles

A Complete Guide to Bionic Legs & Feet

Everything you need to know about bionic legs, knees, ankles, and feet. Continuously updated, this page is your one-stop repository for all the latest information on lower-limb devices, technologies, and research.

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Bionic Leg Price List

This price list is intended to give potential users a general idea of the price for each microprocessor ankle/foot, knee, and integrated bionic leg currently available on the market.

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Microprocessor Knee Price List

This price list is intended to give potential users a general idea of the price for each microprocessor knee currently available on the market.

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Current Options for Bionic Legs

A complete list of all the main microprocessor ankles, knees, and fully integrated bionic legs currently on the market. Even better? This list and all of its supporting articles are continuously updated.

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Bionic Hand Price List

Our bionic hand price list is intended to give potential users a general idea of the net cash price for a typical below-the-elbow solution involving the bionic hands currently on the market.

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MeHand from MaxBionic

MaxBionic’s MeHand appears to exhibit a level of user control, dexterity, and responsiveness found in much more expensive bionic hand systems.

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User Feedback on Bionic Devices

Seeking User Feedback on Bionic Devices

At BionicsForEveryone.com, we are very clear about where our loyalties lie when it comes to bionic devices, and that is with end-users. We don’t have anything negative to say about bionic companies. On the contrary, we have great respect for…

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Real Bionic Stories

Bionic Feats: Tying Shoelaces

Tying shoelaces is a real challenge for bionic hands because it requires significant dexterity. For a hand to truly play its part in this task, it should have good hand speed and the ability to switch grips with ease.

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Bionic Feats: Conquering Stairs

A few decades ago, going up and down the stairs was an ordeal for lower-limb amputees, even dangerous. These five short videos show how bionic knees and ankles have made this important daily task so much easier!

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Bionic Feats: From Wheelchair to Walking

For many centuries, paraplegia often meant confining patients to wheelchairs. This is no longer the case. Bionic exoskeletons are now making it possible for paraplegics to rise from their wheelchairs and reclaim their freedom.

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