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Tilly Lockey lost both her hands at age 15 months. But when you watch her videos, you don’t feel any sense of loss. What you see is a bright, happy teenager with unlimited potential.

Much of that is a credit to her and her family. But as she says in this video, having cool bionic arms helps.

Our Mission

The Bionic Revolution is here. It is already improving the lives of those who have lost physical or neurological abilities to accident, disease, or genetic disorders.

Our goal is to educate people about the latest bionic technologies available to them. We’re also trying to build public support for expanded insurance coverage to help pay for these solutions.

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Latest Research Articles

Regenerative Peripheral Nerve Interface (RPNI)

Painful neuromas and muscular atrophy are two side effects of traditional amputation techniques that can interfere with the use of a bionic limb. The Regenerative Peripheral Nerve Interface (RPNI) helps address both these issues

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A Quick Look at Electronic Skin

Electronic skin is a key component of future bionic limbs. It’s also advancing so quickly that we now have to update this article every few months.

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Latest Technology Articles

Ottobock Genium X3 Knee

The Genium X3 Knee is the most advanced bionic knee on the market. It is also waterproof, dustproof, and highly resistant to corrosion.

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A Complete Guide to Bionic Legs & Feet

Everything you need to know about bionic legs, knees, ankles, and feet. Continuously updated, this page is intended as your one-stop repository for all the latest information on lower-limb devices, technologies, and research.

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A Complete Guide to Bionic Arms & Hands

Everything you need to know about bionic arms and hands, including all the current devices, technologies, and the latest research. Continuously updated, this page is intended as your one-stop repository for information on upper-limb bionics.

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Mobius Bionics LUKE Arm

The LUKE Arm is one of two bionic arms to come out of DARPA’s Revolutionizing Prosthetics program, and the only commercial arm to offer a powered shoulder option.

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World’s Strongest Bionic Hands

Dreaming of a bionic hand that can crush steel or throw an assailant across the room? We’re not quite there yet but bionic hands are definitely getting stronger!

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OHand Intelligent Bionic Hand

The OHand may be a relatively new bionic hand, but its advanced feature set and polished engineering suggest it will be a worthy competitor going forward.

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Atom Touch from Atom Limbs

Some will refer to the Atom Touch as the commercial version of the Modular Prosthetic Limb (MPL) developed by John Hopkins University. But it is more than that, with notable enhancements in durability, artificial intelligence, and sensory feedback.

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Vincent Evolution

The Vincent Evolution is clearly an advanced bionic hand and is distributed in the U.S., but it doesn’t provide much English-language documentation.

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User Feedback on Bionic Devices

Ottobock C-Leg User Satisfaction Report

About This Report Our mission at BionicsForEveryone.com is to help those with physical or neurological disabilities to understand their bionic technology options free of commercial influence. We do not sanction or promote specific bionic devices. Nor do we accept any…

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Seeking User Feedback on Bionic Limbs

At BionicsForEveryone.com, we are very clear about where our loyalties lie when it comes to bionic limbs, and that is with end-users. We don’t have anything negative to say about bionic companies. On the contrary, we have great respect for…

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Real Bionic Stories

The Revolution in Prosthetic Aesthetics

There is something transformative happening in the prosthetics industry — a long-overdue awakening among product designers, those with limb differences, and the general public that is helping us take a big step toward a more inclusive society.

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Master Innovators in Bionic Limbs

The innovators featured in this post are all accomplished scientists, engineers, and/or inventors. They have all made significant contributions to the advancement of bionic limbs. But what makes them truly special is their passion to improve the lives of those…

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