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Tilly Lockey lost both her hands at age 15 months. But when you watch her videos, you don’t feel any sense of loss. What you see is a bright, happy teenager with unlimited potential.

Much of that is a credit to her and her family. But as she says in this video, having cool bionic arms helps.

Our Mission

The Bionic Revolution is here. It is already improving the lives of those who have lost physical or neurological abilities to accident, disease, or genetic disorders.

Our main goal is to help patients in these categories to understand their bionic options free of commercial influence. An informed patient is an empowered patient.

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Latest Research Articles

Mind-Controlled Bionic Limbs

Mind-controlled bionic limbs should ultimately respond to the user’s thoughts exactly the way that natural limbs do. Everyone agrees that this is desirable. But the ideal combination of technologies required to achieve this, especially on a mass scale, remains uncertain.

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Myoelectric Pattern Recognition for Bionic Arms & Hands

If you want to avoid surgery, combining myoelectric skin sensors with pattern recognition is likely the future for bionic arm and hand control systems. Not only is it more intuitive than a direct control system — it’s also more adaptable…

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Targeted Muscle Reinnervation (TMR)

Targeted Muscle Reinnervation is the surgical reassignment of nerves to alternative muscles. It can prevent the formation of neuromas, decrease phantom pain, and help improve user control over myoelectric devices.

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Is Osseointegration Right for You?

Is osseointegration right for you? If successful, it may dramatically improve your quality of life. But this technology is still in its infancy, so patient due diligence is essential.

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Osseointegration for Bionic Limbs

Osseointegration for limbs involves inserting a metal rod into an arm or leg bone. The bone then fuses with the rod in a manner similar to fracture healing. The resulting implant offers numerous benefits but also introduces significant health risks.

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Understanding Bionic Touch

Our definition of bionic touch goes beyond the use of artificial sensors to generate information through physical contact. It also includes proprioception and osseointegration.

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Latest Technology Articles

Unlimited Tomorrow TrueLimb

At $8,000 US, Unlimited Tomorrow’s TrueLimb is the most affordable bionic arm/hand on the market, due in large part to its revolutionary direct-to-consumer model.

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Carbonhand from Bioservo

The Carbonhand is a soft, assistive robotic glove that uses powered artificial tendons to augment the grip of people with insufficient strength in their hands.

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Microprocessor Knee Price List

This price list is intended to give potential users a general idea of the price for each microprocessor knee currently available on the market.

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With its compact design and intuitive control system, Nuada’s soft robotic glove is the most exciting assistive hand device that we’ve seen so far.

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Neomano Glove

The Neomano is a soft, assistive robotic glove for people with movement in their wrist and arm but little to no strength in their hands.

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Fillauer Raize Foot

Fillauer’s Raize Foot is a lightweight, low-profile bionic foot/ankle that focuses on optimizing the Stance Phase of the user’s gait. With low water and dust resistance ratings, it is best suited for light duties in clean operating environments.

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Fillauer MC ProPlus Hand

Fillauer’s MC ProPlus Hand improves on its corporate cousin, the MC Hand, to add enhanced control capabilities and two innovative new features.

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Ottobock AxonHook

The Ottobock AxonHook is a strong, durable, and highly responsive terminal device for upper-limb bionic solutions. It is also surprisingly nimble.

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User Feedback on Bionic Devices

Seeking User Feedback on Bionic Limbs

At BionicsForEveryone.com, we are very clear about where our loyalties lie when it comes to bionic limbs, and that is with end-users. We don’t have anything negative to say about bionic companies. On the contrary, we have great respect for…

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Real Bionic Stories

The Revolution in Prosthetic Aesthetics

There is something transformative happening in the prosthetics industry — a long-overdue awakening among product designers, those with limb differences, and the general public that is helping us take a big step toward a more inclusive society.

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Master Innovators in Bionic Limbs

The innovators featured in this post are all accomplished scientists, engineers, and/or inventors. They have all made significant contributions to the advancement of bionic limbs. But what makes them truly special is their passion to improve the lives of those…

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