Assistive Robotic Glove Price List

Assistive Robotic Glove Price List

How Much Does an Assistive Robotic Glove Cost?

The simple answer is from $2,000 to $7,000 US.

Assistive Robotic Glove Price Table

The following devices are already on the market or nearing commercialization:

CarbonHandPreviously called the “SEM Glove”. A soft robotic glove similar in concept to that of the NUADA, though not as compact. It uses pressure sensors and powered tendons to proportionally augment grip. The more pressure applied naturally, the more the CarbonHand augments the grip.$7,000 USCurrently for sale in Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and Japan
Emovo AssistA kind of hybrid glove/exoskeleton designed by Emovo Care to help those with mild or partial weakness on one side of the body. It is similar to the Neomano in that it uses a simple push-button control to close the hand’s digits. But its exoskeleton design also allows it to actively open the digits.???Currently conducting trials in Switzerland
NeomanoA soft robotic glove that can actively help the user close their index and middle fingers at the press of a button. Enables people with hand paralysis to perform daily activities like holding a drink, brushing their teeth, or turning a doorknob to open a door. Can hold up to 2 kilograms.$2,000 USCurrently for sale in the U.S., U.S territories, and Canada
NUADAA soft robotic glove that uses thin, breathable, flexible, and smart textiles combined with sensors and powered tendons to help users grip objects. The powered tendons follow the movement of the natural hand and then automatically lock in to secure the grip. Can also ratchet to a tighter grip in response to an explicit user action. Is capable of holding up to 40 kilograms.$4,000 USCurrently for sale globally
Tenoexo A true hand exoskeleton with multiple control options including various types of buttons, voice control, glove sensors. Because of this, it has the potential to assist patients with a broader range of hand impairments.???Still in development


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