Bionic Feats: Food Preparation

Bionic Feats Food Preparation Feature Image

Preparing food is a daily activity that is essential for personal independence. In these videos, we show you various bionic arms and hands hard at work in the kitchen.

TASKA Hand Making Breakfast

We like this video because it is made by a very skillful bionic hand user (Myoelectric Outdoors) and shows the incredible usefulness of having the right device for the right task (in this case, the TASKA Hand). We think that everyone with an upper-limb difference should have a device that allows them to perform daily living tasks. Don’t you?

Baking Cookies with a Hero Arm

One of the things that we love about Open Bionics is how honest they are about what a Hero Arm can and can’t do. They make a ton of videos showing it in action with no attempt to gloss over difficult tasks, which is why they are our gold standard for bionic hand video demonstrations. Here, they show us how to use the Hero Arm to bake cookies.

Baking a Pie With a Hero Arm

Clearly, Hero Arm users like baking stuff with their bionic hands! We wanted to show you this second video of the Hero Arm in action because it illustrates two key points. First, notice how the natural hand is used for all complex manipulations, while the Hero Arm is used mostly for grasping and holding stuff. This is true of all modern bionic hands — Open Bionics is just more transparent about it. Second, think about how difficult these tasks would be without a bionic hand…something to remember if you can ever influence funding for those with upper-limb differences!

Ottobock Michelangelo Slicing Fruit

This is a commercial for Ottobock’s Michelangelo Hand but we’re including it because it demonstrates the benefit of each new innovation. As the presenter explains, the ability to properly rotate the wrist to the correct angle to pick up objects significantly reduces the strain on the shoulder and elbow. That means a lot to someone trying to use a bonic hand all day.

Zeus Hand Preparing a Romantic Dinner

Another promotional video but we wanted to include it because it accurately portrays one of the most innovative and least expensive bionic hands on the market — Aether Biomedical’s Zeus Hand. Keep in mind that this is an above-the-elbow amputee, which presents a significantly greater technical challenge than situations where the elbow and part of the forearm are intact. Aether Biomedical is definitely a bionic limb company worth watching!

Making Tacos with an Ottobock bebionic Hand

First, this is inspirational because it shows an above-the-elbow amputee performing a pretty complex set of tasks with an Ottobock bebionic Hand. It’s also a great demonstration of the patience and discipline required to make the most of such devices. Those with limb differences fight hard every day to overcome many challenges. They deserve our respect.

Double Above-the-Elbow Amputee Boiling Eggs

This video shows a double above-the-elbow amputee boiling eggs using his Ossur i-Limb and Ottobock Axon Hook. What we love about this video is the level of independence that technology has given this man — something unimaginable only a few decades ago.

Boiling Eggs – Part 2

We wanted to show you the second part of this sequence because, again, think about how much bionic technology has improved the life of this double amputee. Now imagine someone else with the same disability but without access to this type of technology, and you’ll quickly understand why our website exists.

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