Bionic Feats: Food Preparation

Bionic Feats Food Preparation Feature Image

Preparing food is a daily activity that is essential for personal independence. In these videos, we show you various bionic hands hard at work in the kitchen.

Taska Hand Making Breakfast

We like this video because it is made by a very skillful bionic hand user (Myoelectric Outdoors) and shows the incredible usefulness of having the right device (in this case, the Taska Hand) for the right task.

Making Pancakes with Hero Arms

This young lady (Tilly Lockey, is one of our favorite people on the planet because not only is she an inspiration on her own; she also does a lot for the limb-different community as a whole. Here she is making pancakes using her twin Hero Arms.

Double Above-the-Elbow Amputee Boiling Eggs

The sound quality on this video isn’t great, but it’s still inspirational because it shows a double above-the-elbow amputee using an Ossur i-Limb and an Ottobock Axon Hook to do something that wouldn’t have been possible a few decades ago.

Ottobock Michelangelo Slicing Fruit

This is a commercial for the Ottobock’s Michelangelo Hand that shows the value of the hand’s superb control system when performing kitchen duties. We look forward to the day when this type of technology is available to everyone.

Making Tacos with an Ottobock bebionic Hand

First, this is inspirational because it shows an above-the-elbow amputee performing a pretty complex set of tasks with an Ottobock bebionic Hand. It’s also a great demonstration of the patience and discipline required to make the most of such devices.

The other day, we were asked why we created our Bionic Feats series of posts. First, we want to inspire those who wish to improve their daily lives with bionic technology, to show them, hey, this is what you can achieve with the right device(s).

But we also want the general public to appreciate the usefulness of these devices and understand why we need public funding to make them available to all members of the limb-different community. We all routinely perform tasks in the kitchen. It should be quite easy for us to a) imagine what it might be like if we suddenly lost those abilities, and b) how much it would mean to get them back.

Now imagine a scenario where we could get those abilities back, where the technology is sitting there, already developed, but is denied to us because we don’t have enough money. That just feels wrong on so many levels!

For more information on bionics arms & hands, please see Understanding Bionic Arms & Hands.