Bionic Feats: From Wheelchair to Walking

Bionic Feats From Wheelchair to Walking Feature Image

For many centuries, paraplegia often meant confining patients to wheelchairs. This is no longer the case. Bionic exoskeletons are now making it possible for paraplegics to rise from their wheelchairs and reclaim their freedom.

ReWalk Personal Exoskeleton

Yes, this is a commercial. But it shows the use of an exoskeleton in so many familiar daily situations that it gives you a good sense of the potential impact of this technology on people’s lives.

Phoenix SuitX

We love to show multiple technologies in these Bionic Feats articles because the name of the game is innovation. In this case, the Phoenix SuitX is lighter and less expensive than most of its competitors. Ultimately, this helps make exoskeleton technology more accessible.

ExoAtlet Russia

This is another glimpse of innovation, this time from Russia. Having multiple centers of innovation spread across the globe because, ultimately, we need technology and support centers that can help paraplegics regardless of where they live.

Changing Lives

Technology is wonderful but ultimately it is just a means to an end. What is that end? It’s to improve the lives of people like US veteran Gene L., to give them more freedom, and to help them both physically and emotionally.

An Undaunted Spirit

This video is a bit longer than the videos we normally include in our Bionic Feats series, but we just had to include it. This lady is so caring, so giving, and so inspirational that we just have to honor her here by helping to tell her story.

We have the technology. Those who have lost the use of their legs deserve our help and support. Their lives and happiness matter, not just because of what we can give to them but also because of what they can still contribute to us.

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