Bionic Feats: Let There Be Music

Bionic Feats Music Feature Image

Some of the amputees playing music in these videos are using bionic devices; others are not. Either way, they’re incredibly inspirational!

João Carlos Martins

Classical pianist João Carlos lost the ability to play the piano due to age and health. Thanks to a pair of bionic gloves, this 80-year-old maestro is once again able to enjoy his love of music.

Levi Stanford

You just can’t stop some people from achieving their goals no matter what. Here, Levi Stanford shows us how he uses a body-powered hook and some tape to share his impressive musical talents.

Tilly Lockey

Speaking of determination, here is Tilly Lockey playing “Always Remember Us This Way” with a homemade device. Tilly lost both her hands to meningitis at 15 months of age and is an unstoppable force in many ways. To learn more about this remarkable young lady, visit her website.

Manami Ito

In 2004, at age 20, Manami lost her right arm in a traffic accident. She feared her days as a musician were over, but neither that fear nor her accident could quench her desire to play the violin. Here she is giving an unforgettable performance on America’s Got Talent.

Lin Anlu

Lin Anlu lost her right arm at the age of two. She always dreamed of playing the piano, and here she is using a bionic hand from BrainCo to play with the famous Chinese pianist Lang Lang. This bionic hand is now the BrainRobotics Prosthetic Hand.

Johnny Matheny

Johnny lost his left arm to cancer in 2008. Since then, he’s been working fearlessly with researchers to help advance bionic arms for everyone. He always wanted to learn to play “Amazing Grace”, and here is doing just that.

We hope you feel as inspired by these videos as we do.

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