C-Leg User Satisfaction Survey

Bionic Knee User Satisfaction Survey

This page contains our User Satisfaction Survey for Ottobock’s C-Leg. If you are currently a C-Leg user or have been one previously, please share your experiences in this short survey to help others make more informed decisions.

User Feedback



We received 19 responses to our initial survey request, which is a pretty good response. But we’ll need hundreds to draw reliable conclusions, so please consider the following as preliminary results. We’re providing only rudimentary analysis for the same reason.

When Did You Start Using a C-Leg?

Nearly 2/3 of respondents started using the C-Leg within the past 5 years:

C-Leg Age of Survey Respondents

How Satisfied Are You With It?

C-Leg users are clearly satisfied customers, as all respondents said they were either very happy or moderately happy with the device.

C-Leg Satisfaction Levels

These results match what we hear anecdotally. They are also not overly surprising given the C-Leg’s 20+ year lifespan and its evolution over that period.

How Many Times Did You Have It Repaired?

C-Leg Number of Repairs

We’re not as impressed with the repair statistics, in that if 1/4 of car purchasers had to put their car in for multiple repairs, it would be considered a quality problem. However, we’ll need a lot more data covering all bionic knees before we’ll know if this was good or bad relative to the competition.

Will You Buy Another C-Leg on Your Next Upgrade Cycle?

C-Leg Will Buy Again

What’s impressive here is that none of the existing customers said they would not buy again. This is consistent with the overall high level of satisfaction.

For more information on why we’re conducting these surveys, please see Seeking User Feedback on Bionic Limbs.

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