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Seeking User Feedback on Bionic Limbs

At, we are very clear about where our loyalties lie when it comes to bionic limbs, and that is with end-users. We don’t have anything negative to say about bionic companies. On the contrary, we have great respect for…

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Current Options for Bionic Elbows

Looking for a quick list of bionic elbows? For your convenience, this page lists the main elbows currently on the market, with links to individual articles on each elbow.

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Bionic Limbs Research News April 04, 2021

A look at some recent bionic research articles as of April 04, 2021, including technology to design perfect sockets, advances in 3D printing, and a bionic arm that can bond with users over time.

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Understanding Bionic Touch

Our definition of bionic touch goes beyond sensory feedback, i.e. where sensors must make contact with the external world to generate information.

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