Bionic Arm / Hand Articles

Bionic Hand Price List

Our bionic hand price list is intended to give potential users a general idea of the net cash price for a typical below-the-elbow solution involving the bionic hands currently on the market.

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MeHand from MaxBionic

MaxBionic’s MeHand appears to exhibit a level of user control, dexterity, and responsiveness found in much more expensive bionic hand systems.

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Vincent Partial User Satisfaction Survey

This page contains our User Satisfaction Survey for the Vincent Partial partial bionic hand. If you are currently a Vincent Partial user or have been one previously, please share your experiences in this short survey to help others make more…

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COVVI Nexus Hand

The Nexus Hand has quickly become one of the most impressive bionic hands on the market, driven mainly by exceptional engineering principles.

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