Current Options for Assistive Robotic Gloves

Current Options Assistive Robotic Gloves

Our Assistive Robotic Glove category includes any bionic device that assists people with a hand impairment despite having their natural hand intact. This impairment may be the result of stroke, partial paralysis, arthritis, or any other disease or injury.

The good news is that we are seeing an increasing number of these devices either already on the market or approaching commercialization.

Below, you will find brief descriptions of these devices with links to more detailed articles.

Emovo Assist Feature Image
Carbonhand Feature Image

Carbonhand from Bioservo

The Carbonhand is a soft, assistive robotic glove that uses powered artificial tendons to augment the grip of people with insufficient strength in their hands.

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NUADA Glove Feature Image


With its compact design and intuitive control system, Nuada’s soft robotic glove is the most exciting assistive hand device that we’ve seen so far.

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Neomano Feature Image

Neomano Glove

The Neomano is a soft, assistive robotic glove for people with movement in their wrist and arm but little to no strength in their hands.

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For a comprehensive description of all assistive robotic glove technologies, devices, and research, see our complete guide.

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