Current Options for Bionic Feet

Empower Ankle Feature Image

More than ever before, bionic feet/ankles offer amputees extraordinary capabilities, as you can see in our Bionic Feats posts on Conquering Stairs and Challenging Terrain.

Below, you will find brief descriptions and links to more detailed articles on all the bionic feet/ankles currently on the market.

Ottobock Meridium Foot

With its 36.5 degrees range of motion, 4-axis kinematics, and automatically adjusted hydraulic resistance, the Meridium Foot is Ottobock’s most lifelike bionic foot/ankle.

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Ottobock Empower Ankle

Ottobock’s Empower Ankle is a unique bionic ankle/foot that provides electric propulsion in addition to automatically adjusting foot position and resistance.

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Ossur Proprio Foot/Ankle

Ossur’s Proprio Foot includes many of the advanced features found in other foot/ankle systems. However, it uses an inter-step ankle accommodation strategy, which some view as inferior to the within-step strategies used by other bionic foot/ankle systems.

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Freedom Kinnex Foot / Ankle

Proteor USA’s Freedom Kinnex is one of the most advanced bionic foot/ankle devices on the market. Rated as an IP67 device, it is both dust resistant and fully submersible in water.

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Fillauer Raize Foot

Fillauer’s Raize Foot is a lightweight, low-profile bionic foot/ankle that focuses on optimizing the Stance Phase of the user’s gait. With low water and dust resistance ratings, it is best suited for light duties in clean operating environments.

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Blatchford Elan IC Foot/Ankle

The Blatchford Elan IC has all of the attributes of its sister product, the Elan Microprocessor Foot. But its new induction charging technology allows it to be completely sealed from the elements, making it waterproof.

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