Current Options for Bionic Feet

Empower Ankle Feature Image

More than ever before, bionic feet/ankles offer amputees extraordinary capabilities, as you can see in our Bionic Feats posts on Conquering Stairs and Challenging Terrain.

Below, you will find brief descriptions and links to more detailed articles on all the bionic feet/ankles currently on the market.

Ottobock Meridium Foot

With its 36.5 degrees range of motion, 4-axis kinematics, and automatically adjusted flexion resistance, the Ottobock Meridium Foot is yet another worthwhile option for those looking to upgrade to a bionic foot/ankle.

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Ottobock Empower Ankle

Ottobock’s Empower Ankle is a unique bionic ankle/foot that provides propulsive power in addition to automatically adjusting foot position and resistance.

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Fillauer Raize Foot

Fillauer’s Raize Foot is a lightweight, low-profile bionic foot/ankle. Its microprocessor actively manages flexion resistance for a smoother rollover during the Stance Phase of the gait cycle. It also allows users to adjust heel height to accommodate different shoes.

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Blatchford Elan Foot/Ankle With Microprocessor

Blatchford’s Elan Foot is another worthy competitor in the bionic foot/ankle market. Its ability to automatically adjust both dorsiflexion and plantarflexion resistance on each step produces a smooth gait on many different types of terrain, including ramps, slopes, and stairs.

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