Current Options for Bionic Legs

Ottobock Genium X3 Feature Image

For your convenience, we have created this master page to show you all the main bionic leg components currently on the market, with links to detailed articles on each.

This includes articles on microprocessor ankles, microprocessor knees, and fully integrated bionic legs.

Best of all, we constantly update this list and all its supporting articles, so just bookmarking this page should keep you up-to-date.

Microprocessor Ankles

Ottobock Meridium Foot

With its 36.5 degrees range of motion, 4-axis kinematics, and automatically adjusted flexion resistance, the Ottobock Meridium Foot is yet another worthwhile option for those looking to upgrade to a bionic foot/ankle.

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Ottobock Empower Ankle

Ottobock’s Empower Ankle is a unique bionic ankle/foot that provides propulsive power in addition to automatically adjusting foot position and resistance.

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Fillauer Raize Foot

Fillauer’s Raize Foot is a lightweight, low-profile bionic foot/ankle. Its microprocessor actively manages flexion resistance for a smoother rollover during the Stance Phase of the gait cycle. It also allows users to adjust heel height to accommodate different shoes.

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Blatchford Elan IC Foot/Ankle

The Blatchford Elan IC has all of the attributes of its sister product, the Elan Microprocessor Foot. But its new induction charging technology allows it to be completely sealed from the elements, making it waterproof.

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Blatchford Elan Foot/Ankle With Microprocessor

The Blatchford Elan Foot is another worthy competitor in the bionic foot/ankle market, allowing users to achieve a smooth gait on many different types of terrain. However, it is not waterproof and lacks the type of user software offered by some of its competitors.

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Microprocessor Knees

Ottobock Kenevo Bionic Knee

Ottobock’s Kenevo knee is the first bionic knee designed for users with lower mobility grades, meaning persons who walk at no more than half-speed, have difficulty overcoming obstacles, and are at a higher risk of stumbling or falling.

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Ottobock Genium X3 Knee

The Genium X3 Knee has been compared to a luxury sports car. Sophisticated sensor and microprocessor technologies make navigating challenging terrains routine. Fully waterproof and highly resistant to dust, dirt, corrosion, etc., it is ideal for outdoor activities. It’s only major drawback is cost.

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Ottobock Genium Bionic Knee

The Ottobock Genium offers the latest in bionic knee technology. More advanced than its corporate cousin — the venerable C-Leg — the Genium helps users walk with a more natural gait, improved safety, and reduced energy consumption.

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Ottobock C-Leg Bionic Knee

Introduced in 1997, with more than 75,000 fittings worldwide, the C-Leg is a proven bionic knee with excellent stability and dependability. At between $40,000 and $50,000 US for a complete solution, it is in the middle tier of pricing for bionic knees.

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Ossur Rheo Knee XC

Ossur’s Rheo Knee XC is the premium version of its sister product, the Rheo Knee. Added features include the ability to transition more quickly from walking to running and from walking to bicycling. Users can also ascend stairs step-over-step and navigate obstacles with more stability and safety.

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Ossur Rheo Knee

Ossur’s Rheo Knee is the only bionic knee to use a magnetorheological fluid (MRF) to manage its level of resistance. This makes the Rheo Knee more reactive to movements of the residual limb than its hydraulic competitors.

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Ossur Power Knee

Ossur’s Power Knee is the only bionic knee that augments the user’s residual limb with electric power. This significantly reduces the user’s energy expenditure while also assisting in tasks like standing and ascending stairs. It also helps ensure greater ground clearance during the Swing Phase.

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Nabtesco/Proteor Allux Knee

The latest version of Nabtesco’s Allux Knee (Allux 2) was launched in the U.S. in June 2017. Now distributed by Proteor USA, the Allux has some interesting features, especially its use of a 4-bar linkage system. But can it compete with its more established competitors?

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Freedom Innovations Plie Knee

The Plie Knee has some unique features that draw both supporters and detractors. While it still sells at an attractive price, its recent acquisition by Proteor USA, scheduled to close by the end of 2020, justifies a wait-and-see approach by prospective purchasers.

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Blatchford Orion Knee

Blatchford’s latest version of the Orion Knee (Orion 3) has closed the technology gap with other leading bionic knees in the same price range. The one remaining question is: do prosthetists trust it as much they do its competitors, especially regarding service and support?

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Fully Integrated Bionic Legs

Blatchford Linx Bionic Leg

Blatchford’s Linx is currently the only true integrated bionic leg on the market. This means it has both a bionic knee and a bionic ankle integrated into a single control system.

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