Current Options for Partial Hand Prostheses

Partial Hand Prosthesis Options

Creating the perfect partial hand prosthesis is challenging. All residual limbs are unique in one way or another. However, partial hands are especially complex because they may involve anywhere from one to five residual digits and/or a partial palm.

Both the structure and degree of muscle control in the residual hand may limit possible solutions, which may require an innovative approach.

Below, you will find brief descriptions and links to more detailed articles on all the most advanced partial hand technologies currently available.

Ossur i-Digits

Nearly 2/3 of upper-limb amputations involve finger or partial hand loss. Ossur’s i-Digits line of products provides one of the few bionic options to meet this need.

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Vincent Partial Hand

The Vincent Partial seems to be as advanced a solution for partial hand loss as its main competitor, Ossur’s i-Digits. Unfortunately, a lack of English-language material makes it difficult to verify this.

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