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Amputation FoundationA place for amputees to share stories, thoughts, and experiences.
Amputation SupportNo description.
AmputeeAll about amputees.
Amputees Helping Amputees Amputees Helping Amputees is a social support group for Amputees and their families and or friends. It was created to allow people to meet and ask questions, offer helpful tips, and encourage each other.
Limbless and Multiple Amputee LadiesNo description.
Above Knee AmputeesAll Transfemoral Amputees of the world. Interact with each other. Tell us your experiences whether good, bad, or indifferent. Must speak English.
AmputeesIf you are an Amputee or you know someone that is, This is a group for them to share their experiences with each other and for the members to find quality amputee products.
Amputee AdvocatesNo description.
Amputee & DisabledNo description.
Amputee are the StrongestThis group is for amputees “Lost a part of the body” or people who know amputees for sharing experiences and stories.
Amputee below knee, above leg, arm hand finger toeSupport group for above and below-knee amputees, family and friends.
Amputee GroupAmputee world. Share the story over the fate of the unlucky.
Amputee Health & FitnessAmputee Health and Fitness is your one-stop-shop for all things health-and-wellness related for amputees. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, increase function, or just live the best life possible, we’re here to share tips, tricks, and support each other!
Amputee Help & Support LineThis group is not ONLY a support group per se, but a helpline for all and any Prosthetic related questions. We welcome Amputees, family members, caregivers, physical therapists, nurses, prosthetists, and billing specialists.
Amputee Help & AdviceNo description.
Amputee Jokes and FunThis group is for Amputee humor. I am an Amputee and jokes and humor can be a great release of anger, depression, etc. from the loss of a limb or two or three or four. This group could offend a new amputee so beware of some of the jokes. It’s all in fun.
Amputee Motorcycle RidersA group where amputees or friends of amputees who are interested in motorcycles can get together to share ideas.
Amputee Peer and Support GroupThis group is not ONLY a Peer & support group, but a helpline for all and any Prosthetic related questions. We Welcome Amputees, family members, caregivers, physical therapists, nurses, prosthetists, and billing specialists.
Amputee rec room Real-life amputee support, assist, education, and day to day struggles.
Amputee Road ShowThis group is a place where amputees and those with limb loss can come and share ideas, ask questions, and communicate with each other. There is no judgment here, no bullying, no animosity. Please be kind and respectful of one another. After all, we are one big family.
Armless and amputee ladiesNo description.
Double Above-Knee Amputees – A Different BreedThis Page is Just for Double Above-Knee Amputees. Here to share info. about being a double above-knee with pics, videos, input to help each other on their Journey.
Finger & Thumb AmputeesSupport group for individuals who have suffered the loss or partial loss of a finger, multiple fingers, and/or hand.
Global arm/hand amputee and dysmelia communityWe created this group because we found that there was no such specific group for hand/arm prosthetics users, amputees, or people with dysmelia. Our goal with this group is to create a community for people all around the world who either uses a hand prosthesis or misses an arm/hand/finger(s). We want this to be a channel where you can share your experiences with prosthetics or limb loss, research that you find interesting or other information you think people might be interested in, in this regard. We want this to be a place where you first and foremost can help, communicate, and share with each other.
Amputees Int’l: Amped, Braced, and Active
This is an online resource for support and community news for Amputees of all ages, and Adventurers who benefit from Orthotics and Prosthetics~~especially those in Georgia. Welcome! Please share this with friends!
Not Broken – a support group for amputeesFor amputees and family and friends of amputees.
Severed Survivors Amputee Support GroupNo description.
SWFL Amputee SupportThis group is for amputees, friends, and family of amputees. This is an all-inclusive group to post events, ask questions, give advice, share our experience, strength, and hope with each other in a non-judgmental, caring, and friendly manner. This is not a place to promote, buy, sell, or trade products and services. No personal fundraising or panhandling.
The Amputee CoachEmpowering Amputees to Walk Well, Be Fit and Enjoy Life. We welcome amputees, their families, friends and health professionals.
The Amputee Coach: Fitness & Nutrition For Amputees To Help You Lose 10lbs+Helps Fellow Amputees Lose 10lbs +.

United States

Amputee CoalitionThe Amputee Coalition is the leading national nonprofit serving people affected by limb loss and limb difference. This is their Facebook Group.
Amputees of Kentucky Support GroupOur mission is to provide a safe environment where amputees and their families inspire and encourage each other through fellowship, education, and sharing.
Amputees of North & South CarolinaThis is a group for amputees in North Carolina and South Carolina.
Amputees of OklahomaAmputee support group. Here you can speak with others going through the same things as you and seek advice from others. All amputees are welcome here.
Amputee Peer Support Group of NC & SC & GAI put together this group for new and already Amputees to support one and other. I really want people in this group to respect each other’s comments and feelings. Sometimes in life, you need to hear from other people story’s and sometimes it helps you through your hard spot in life.
Amputee Support Group For All Areas & in NY, CT & NJHello fellow amputees, I have made a group for everyone & people in NY, CT & NJ for making friends with other Amputees, support, venting, asking questions, etc.
Amputee Support Group of Tri-Cities, TNWe have all dealt with amputation either personally or through a loved one. We have established the Amputee Support Group of Tri-Cities, TN to provide amputees and their families with a forum to meet. Our goals are to lend support, to provide information about the resources and services available to us to help us physically, emotionally, and socially.
Amputee TeddyThe traveling amputee teddy bear who is out on a mission to meet and bring a smile to all amputees. We are trying to bring awareness to the everyday life of an amputee and how everyone is a little bit different.
Clarinda Amputee Support GroupNo description.
Dallas Amputee NetworkTo foster an active network of people that will benefit everyone to some degree, not only by providing moral support but also through a service-oriented source of information and communication for all amputees and family members. To present programs and resource information to update members about new materials and techniques in prosthetics, and to promote physical fitness and social interaction for a healthier lifestyle, with “Un-limb-ited Possibilities”. To provide peer visitors for new amputees in hospitals and rehab clinics, as well as models for students at UT Southwestern in Prosthetics and Physical Therapy.
East Coast Amputee Community Support GroupA place to come together we view videos, humor, and talk about the things we have in common. A place to inspire and help each other for better, and do more. We’re here for every new amputee and the pros.
Finger and Partial Hand Amputee Peer + Support GroupWelcome! We at Naked Prosthetics created this forum because we understand there has been a long-standing gap in peer support specifically for finger and partial hand amputees. Our intention is that this is a space to share ALL questions, concerns, challenges, and triumphs related to your amputation. In addition to amputees, we welcome family members, caregivers, hand therapists, nurses, prosthetists, billing specialists, and those pursuing a career in O&P.
Idaho Amputee NetworkThis group is intended to be a platform to connect Idaho Amputees facing similar challenges with community resources.
Mississippi And Louisiana Amputee Support GroupThis group covers Mississippi and Louisiana. We post meeting information and activities in our states. We are glad y’all joined us.
New Beginnings Amputee Support Group Of North East PAOur Goal Is To Provide A Network Where People With Limb Loss & Their Families Can Find Inspiration, Information, And Live The Best Quality Of Life They Can As An Amputee.
Northeast Florida Amputee NetworkThe Northeast Florida Amputee Network is a group designed to provide a broad and comprehensive support network for persons living with amputation in the greater Jacksonville area, and to provide opportunities for persons with amputation to participate in recreation and leisure activities as desired.
RISE Amputee GroupLimb loss does not define who we are but provides an opportunity to learn, adapt, and thrive as individuals. This group shares insight into life as an amputee, for amputees and their caregivers. We are a family-friendly group that encourages each other to advocate for themselves and enjoy life to the fullest while reaching out to others. This group is sponsored by Jonesboro Prosthetic & Orthotic Laboratory and registered through the Amputee Coalition. RISE meetings are free of charge and open to the amputee community regardless of who your prosthetic provider is. We welcome you to a safe, informative, and encouraging environment and hope to see you at the next meeting.
Southern amputees and family supportJust a bunch of no armed no legged Humorous folk that have the Amputee life and like to talk and answer Questions for family and friend and new amputees.
Texas Amputees and FriendsWe are amputees and family of an Amputee. We all are from Texas and are here to support each other. God bless you all.
USA Facebook AmputeesUSA Facebook Amputees was created to Support, Assist, Educate, and give positive Testimonies for the purpose of helping our brothers and sisters in the Amputee World.
Without Limits: Amputee Support GroupWithout Limits is a Tampa Bay area amputee support group, open to the entire amputee community and their families.


Amp*Unity CanadaHere at Amp*Unity Canada, we define ourselves as the Canadian Connection for Amputees, by Amputees. Your moderators are also amputees here in Canada. Our sole purpose for creating this group is to help us to assess the need and develop a plan as to how to best serve the Canadian amputee community. We are here to advocate inclusion in events and programs that are not offered here.
North Western Ontario Amputee Support GroupA group run by amputees for amputees. All are welcome. Some people have legs but they just don’t work.

United Kingdom

Amputee Friends UKAmputee Friends UK is a group for anyone wanting to join if you are an Amputee or beginning your journey as an amputee. This is your opportunity to make friends who are going through the same as you and here you can share your stories, concerns, or any help you may need on day to day life as an amputee.
Armless AmputeesThis is a group with focused support for those with upper limb Loss either congenital, trauma, or elective. We now include chronic pain sufferers. This group is for family, friends, and anyone who wants to give a HAND.
FYF No LIMBitsFinding Your Feet is a Scottish charity who supports families affected by amputation or limb absence, through a range of sporting initiatives and social inclusion projects. This is a private group for amputees to share advice, information, and more.
Nottingham Amputee GroupThis Page is for Amputees and their families in and around the Nottinghamshire area, but anyone can join. It’s here for you to put anything you think can help people, any events that are coming up, or to share your experience of being an amputee or living with an amputee.
The UK based Amputee support group!Let this be a space for people to voice concerns about anything they choose in relation to amputation. Any subject matter can be discussed so long as it relates to amputations and the effects thereof. Enjoy everyone, and remember we are all part of the same family that should transcend religion or race. Welcome to the ’Uk Based Amputee Support Group!’
UK AmputeesThis is a private support group for amputees, prospective amputees, and their close family members in the UK only. The purpose of the group is to share experience, strength, humor, and support to anyone in the UK who has to deal with what is one of the most traumatic events in anyone’s life
West Midlands Amputee GroupSupport and social group for Pre and Post Amputees group that meets twice weekly.


Amputee Ireland and beyondThis group is to support all Amputees and their families. I would like us all to never feel alone with our disabilities. It’s nice to have a group to just share our stories and help one another. Let’s have fun too.


Australian AmputeesFor all amputees, club foot, and other associated otherwise differently abled ppl to share support, stories, treatment options, etc. Please have enough details in your profile to allow us to accept your request or pm us prior to sending a request to let us know. We are selective on who we allow to join, as the safety and privacy of our members are of utmost importance to us. We do not want devotees and such in this group hassling our members. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Amputees – Limbs 4 Life AustraliaLimbs 4 Life is a non-profit organization developed to provide information, support, and access to resources for people in the community affected by limb loss. The organization actively engages in community education programs to raise awareness with the broader population about the causes of amputation – diabetes, vascular disease, cancer, trauma, infections, and congenital differences.
Amputees NSW Peer Support Group & Advocacy ForumNo one should have to suffer through the loss of a limb alone and uninformed. One way to further your continuing education is to join a local amputee support group. Amputee Support Groups are a great resource for emotional support and education.
Advocacy and Peer Support for Western Australian AmputeesWe’re a new Western Australian peer support group for amputees and people with a limb difference. This group is run for and by amputees and people with a limb difference.

South Africa

Amputee Hub South Africa
Amputees South AfricaAmputees, lower limb, upper limb.
Amputee Support GroupProvides counseling & support to amputees & their families. Raises funds to help underprivileged amputees.
Paul Steyn Foundation Amputee Support GroupSupport group managed by the Paul Steyn Foundation for amputees. A place to share experiences, ask for and offer advice, and discuss issues affecting amputees only.


Abled Amputees of the PhilippinesWe envision to be the leading resource for information for and about Filipinos affected by limb loss and limb differences. This is the best venue to inspire, motivate, and educate amputees who are able.


Amputee IndiaGroup to discuss solutions to problems faced by amputees, and to provide artificial limb solutions.