Vincent Systems Vincent Evolution 3

Vincent Evolution 3

The Vincent Evolution 3 is undoubtedly an advanced bionic hand. In fact, it seems to have some features not seen in most myoelectric hands. But it is quite difficult to get updated information about the Evolution 3 in English. It’s been years since Vincent Systems published new videos. Unlike most of its competitors, it doesn’t post its user or technical manuals online. And even the links to its promotional material on its website are broken. As a result, this post is intended simply to make those with limb differences aware of the Vincent Evolution 3’s existence, rather than to provide a full-blown review.

A Quick Look at the Vincent Evolution 3

We have not been able to locate a short overview video of the Vincent Evolution 3 in English. However, we have found a YouTube channel by Jan Butaye, who is an independent user of the hand. Here, he gives a fairly in-depth walk-through of the hand’s features:

Testing the Vincent Evolution 3 with Various Tasks

Normally, our second section on a myolectric hand is always about its key features. However, without access to user and technical manuals, we’re not comfortable doing this. Instead, we’re going to look at the Vincent Evolution 3’s features by way of Jan’s attempts to perform various tasks, starting with an attempt to brush his hair:

This next video shows Jan attempting three challenges: 1) starting a lighter, 2) opening a jar of pickles, 3) counting to five.

What’s interesting about this video is the hand’s failure in the first two challenges, i.e. starting a lighter and opening a jar of pickles. To investigate this further, we’ve asked someone who has both an Ottobock Michelangelo Hand and a TASKA Hand to perform the same tasks. If that happens, we’ll report back on the results.

In this next video, which we find pretty impressive, Jan successfully threads a needle.

Here, he attempts and ultimately succeeds in throwing a ball:

In this next video, Jan successfully opens a door using electronic wrist rotation, which we think is pretty cool!

And here he makes a cup of coffee, though apparently he did have some struggles in his practice runs.

This time, Jan uses the Vincent Evolution 3 for writing. Notice that this is a case where the absence of a grip — specifically, the Tripod Grip — forces Jan to improvise.

Thanks very much to Jan for making these videos. Having gone through them, we find ourselves wishing that we could get similar demonstrations for every myoelectric hand.

Considerations Before Buying Vincent Evolution 3

We have nothing to offer as considerations re: buying a Vincent 3 Evolution hand, as we simply lack the required information.

What we can promise is that we’ll keep requesting information from Vincent Systems and other parties until we can come back to this post and complete a proper review.

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