World’s Strongest Bionic Hands

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There are two traditional measures of strength when it comes to bionic hands:

  • the maximum carrying capacity of the hand in kilograms (passive lift);
  • the hand’s maximum grip force in Newtons.

Of these two, only grip force has been studied extensively with natural hands. For example, the average maximum grip force for females using a natural hand is 292 Newtons. The average maximum grip force for males is 517 Newtons. The average grip force used in daily activities is 70 Newtons.

Here is how the strongest bionic hands stack up as of March 2022.

Atom Touch

As is the case in so many categories, the Atom Touch, due out in 2024, tops the pack with a maximum grip force of 314 Newtons. That exceeds the average maximum grip force of natural hands for females in their prime.

We don’t yet have a passive load capacity for the Atom Touch’s hand component, but we do know that the full arm can bicep curl slightly more than 20 kilograms. Again, this exceeds the average bicep curl capacity for females using a natural arm.

Zeus Hand

The Zeus Hand from Aether Biomedical has the highest grip force of bionic hands already on the market, coming in at 152 Newtons. It can also carry 35 kilograms.

Bebionic Hand

The bebionic hand has a maximum grip force of 140 Newtons and can carry 45 kilograms — both highly impressive numbers!

MeHand From MaxBionic

The MeHand can carry 30 kilograms of a static load with a maximum of 15 kilograms for one finger. It can exert 140 Newtons of force using its power grip.

i-Limb with Titanium Fingers

The titanium versions of any of the i-Limb’s three models (Access, Ultra, Quantum) are beasts, with a maximum carrying capacity of 90 kilograms and a maximum grip force of 136 Newtons.

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