Our mission is to help those with physical or neurological disabilities to understand their technology options free of commercial influence. In the course of this mission, we often try to persuade other organizations to work with us. The words that you add to this page help us in this effort.

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It’s gratifying to see the expansion in prosthetic options available around the world and BFE are at the forefront of democratising this knowledge for professionals and users alike. Furthermore, because BFE take an objective, standardised, accessible and patient centred approach to evaluation of existing and new technologies, I trust their site as my first stop when considering the relative benefits of products to the user.

— Jim Ashworth-Beaumont, Prosthetist/Orthotist & trans-humeral amputee

Bionics For Everyone has been extremely helpful and informative about providing information and resources regarding bionic prosthetic function, price, etc. The amount of research that goes into the information provided is detailed, making navigating the sometimes overwhelming world of selecting a prosthesis much more manageable. Bionics For Everyone has also proven to be a strong advocate for equal access to prosthetic devices for everyone who needs them to live adaptive lives, like the name suggests.

— Richard Slusher – Congenital Amputee, Hero Arm user

Amplitude Magazine regularly sends readers to Bionics for Everyone, because it’s the most comprehensive and trustworthy source of information about bionic devices that we know of.  It brings clarity to a confusing subject, equipping readers with the knowledge to make informed choices about which bionic device is most compatible with their particular needs. 

BFE offers authoritative, unbiased information that scales from big-picture context to minute levels of detail. We send some readers to BFE to understand broad technological trends and classes of devices, and we send others to obtain the specs, components, pricing, and customer feedback on an individual product.

— Larry Borowsky, Editor-in-Chief, Amplitude Magazine

Just doing some research on this topic and wanted to say thanks for a fantastically informative website!

— Daniel, Business Development Manager, Robot Manufacturer

This is the first time I felt like we had a place to go as consumers to do our own research and get our own answers before hearing someone’s sales pitch.

— Roberto Bantheras, DBKA