Bionic Feats: Heavy-Duty Hand Work

Using Chainsaw With Ottobock Greifer 02

Bionic hand technology is improving all the time but it can still be fragile. In these videos, we show you examples of far more rugged use.

Heavy Sculpting Work

This video features the TASKA Hand — the only multi-articulating bionic hand specifically designed for rugged work in dusty and/or wet environments. Most bionic hands are simply too fragile for this type of activity.

Using a Chainsaw

Speaking from experience, one does not operate a chainsaw without a firm, dependable grip. Starting at 2:30 of this video, watch Myoelectric Outdoors operate this chainsaw with his trusty Ottobock Greifer.

Working in a Factory

The Axon Hook in this video is ideal for working in a factory environment. Why? Because the powered hook is more durable than a standard bionic hand, has a more reliable, firmer grip, and opens and closes more quickly.

Switching Between Hand and Hook in a Warehouse

In this video, a worker switches back and forth between an electric hook and an ETD hand to perform various warehouse tasks. This multi-device approach is the ideal solution for most end-users.

Quadruple Amputee Doing Yard Work

This is one of our favorite videos of all time. It shows a quadruple amputee doing vigorous yard work. This wasn’t possible 30 years ago, and it’s still not possible for millions of other multiple amputees around the world. But this video gives us hope that it will soon be!

So, there you have it, examples of bionic hands and other terminal devices being used for heavy-duty work. We expect ruggedness and durability to improve for all bionic devices going forward. But, for now, it’s very important to match the right device to the task.

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