Current Options Upper-Limb ETDs

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We used to think that Upper-Limb ETDs (Electric Terminal Devices) were intended to augment multi-articulating bionic hands for specific uses-cases only.

But some of these devices have become so useful that we no longer hold this view. Bionic hands are excellent for light indoor tasks but are still not suitable for rugged activities that require a strong grip, mainly because they remain too fragile. ETDs, meanwhile, are great for rugged activities but not for shaking hands or operating a mouse or keyboard.

This means that the average user needs both types of devices to perform a complete set of daily tasks. Indeed, the happiest upper-limb bionic users that we encounter own both types of devices. This, in turn, suggests that governments and insurance companies should be funding the purchase of two devices for each end-user, not just one.

Motorica INDY Hand

Motorica’s INDY Hand is a direct competitor to Electric Terminal Devices (ETDs) from Ottobock and Fillauer, but with more features and a lower price.

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Ottobock Greifer

The Ottobock Greifer is the strongest of all the upper-limb terminal devices on the market, making it ideal for heavy-duty manual work.

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Ottobock AxonHook

The Ottobock AxonHook is a strong, durable, and highly responsive terminal device for upper-limb bionic solutions. It is also surprisingly nimble.

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Ottobock SensorHand Speed

The Ottobock SensorHand Speed has the advantages of a powered hook in speed, durability, and ease of use, but with more sophisticated grasping features and the ability to appear like a natural hand.

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