Bionic Feats: Tying Shoelaces

Bionic Feats Tying Shoelaces

Tying shoelaces is a real challenge for bionic hands. For a hand to truly play its part in this task, it must be highly responsive with good dexterity.

Open Bionics Hero Arm

Who doesn’t love the Hero Arm? For children especially, receiving one is like getting an extra visit from Santa. Here, we see it performing an important daily task. For more information, see Open Bionics Hero Arm. Video source: individual.

Hy5 MyHand

The MyHand is a myoelectric/hydraulic hybrid, which makes it a) unique, and b) less expensive. But, as you can see here, it handles tying shoelaces just as well as more expensive devices. For more information, see Hy5 MyHand. Video source: manufacturer.

Ossur i-Limb

The i-Limb is one of the top-tier bionic hands both in terms of price and features. But it appears to be no better at tying shoes than less expensive competitors. For more information, see Ossur i-Limb. Video source: manufacturer.

Ottobock Michelangelo

The Michelangelo is widely considered the Cadillac of bionic hands and is likely the most expensive. It fairs a little better at tying shoelaces than the i-Limb but not enough to celebrate. For more information, see Ottobock Michelangelo. Video source: manufacturer.


The TASKA Hand is a very capable bionic hand with a mid-range price tag. But, here, it seems to struggle with this task. This isn’t something we normally say about the TASKA. For more information, see TASKA Hand. Video source: individual.

Ottobock beBionic

This video is a bit older than the others but shows better reliance on the bionic hand. We also happen to be big fans of the presenter. If you get a chance to hear him speak, don’t miss it! For more information, see Ottobock beBionic. Video source: individual.

Vincent Evolution

This one is a bit of a different task than the others but still shows an over-reliance on the natural hand. For more information, see Vincent Evolution. Video source: individual.

All in all, it looks as if bionic hands still have a ways to go before they can tie shoelaces with the same dexterity as natural hands.

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